1. “Sustainable mobility along the new Euro Velo Route – The Iron Curtain Trail” (2013/2014)

 YCC was a partner in the international consortium of about 15 members, led by West Pannon, Kft, from Budapest. We were responsible for the path running through our country, connecting us with Hungary, Romania and Bulararia. The project was under the South East Transnational Cooperation Programme and financed by IPA fund.

2. “Cycling into Europe along the Iron Curtain Trail” (2014)

The project was financed by the City of Belgrade Office for Cooperation with Civil Sector,  aimed to promote cycle tourism along the Euro Velo Routes. There was an international conference in Belgrade, organized jointly with EU Info Center. A film about benefits of cycle tourism was produced and presented as well.

3. “National Cycle Tourism Network of Serbia” (2014)

YCC was commissioned by the Ministry for Tourism, Republic of Serbia to make the National network, based on the Spatial Plan of Serbia (SP). It was realized that our SP was not in compliance with the European cycle network and our task was to adjust our and EU network. It was for the first time that the cycle network, together with its hierarchy and signalization was prepared for Serbia

4. “Possibilities for transferring disused railway tracks into bicycle paths / green ways in Serbia” (2015/2017)

Project financed by the Ministry for Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, for the first time in Serbia treated abandoned rails and railway stations.

5. “Detailed analysis for proposed sections and railway stations for transferring into bicycle paths” (2016/2017).

This is a continuation of the previous project aimed to specify details for particular sections and old railway stations.


6. We Bike for Europe (2019)

Organizing a cyclists’ caravan thorough Serbia for promoting health, sport, recreation and environment. Bike for Europe is a cross-border cycling tour which aims to promote the bicycle as a sustainable and active means of transportation, physical activity in general as well as international co-operation between European countries with a special focus on the social inclusion through sport.

Caravan was starting in Thessaloniki, going through Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary and finalized in Vienna, promoting European Week of Sport. There were promotional events organized in 6 cities in Serbia. The project was sponsored by the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA).

7. “Buying a bike? Save 5.000” (2021)

Organization of promotional activities and distribution of 9.000.000 RSD (about 80.000 Euro), as a substitution for citizens of Belgrade to buy a new bicycle. The Government of Belgrade gave the grant of 5.000 RSD per person for encouraging citizens to by a new bicycle.